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The AP-2 ensures the harmonic richness of passive sounds with the advantages of active control. There are a great variety of wiring options. Real true bypass. Push-pull, pots and mini-switches are supplied. Bass: +/- 14dB (100Hz) Treble: +/- 14dB (5.5 KHz) Controls: 50K linear pots with center detent Power supply: 9V Size: 25x40x13.5mm Versions: AP-2 1 pot for basses + 1 pot for trebles control + bypass with mini-switch. AP-2 PB 1 pot for basses control + 1 push-pull for bypass and 1 pot for mid-range control. AP-2 ST 1 concentric pot (dual) for basses and trebles control. Bypass with mini-switch.