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Modern 55-94/55-02 Quad Coil

We developed this quad coil model to meet the growing demand of MM replacement pickups for LaklandĀ® 55-94 and 55-02 basses (MM+J configuration). It provides a higher output than the original pickup with clear top end, powerful lows and matchless response to the touch. Our Modern 55-94/55-02 Quad Coil has 3 conductors, exactly with the same switchable features as the original pickups: hum canceled Jazz Bass tone rear coils (in parallel), hum canceled Jazz Bass tone front coils (in parallel), and humbucker in parallel (all coils) for Music Man tone. We also offer the Modern 55-94/55-02 Quad Coil for a perfect neck pickup replacement, a specific split 5-string Jazz Bass pickup (two in-line coils wired in parallel) in a 4-string Jazz Bass with the same features as the original.

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