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OMNIA series

Humbucker or single coil? All in one! Thanks to our patented Dynamic Split System (DSS) you can finally get all the characteristics of both a humbucker and a real Jazz Bass single coil in one pickup of the brand-new Omnia series! For example, by splitting a 10 Kohm double coil pickup wired in series, with our innovative Dynamic Split System (DSS) you get a true 9 Kohm single coil, without the usual output and presence loss. And for those who want it all, we introduce the exclusive Dynamic Double Split System (DDSS): in addition to the features of the DSS, it makes it possible to dial in the sound of two true Jazz Bass single coils wired in parallel, with a perfectly balanced output volume. All the pickups in the Omnia Series are passive, easy to install and compatible with our AP-2 and AP-3 active preamps.