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Jack Thammarat Signature

For Jack’s great stylistic variety, we needed an extremely versatile bridge pickup. That’s why we developed together a humbucker rich in harmonics and sustain, ideal for the amazing dynamics of his playing. Overwound coils and alnico 5 magnet for a powerful attack that retains details even in the fastest phrasing. Tight and articulate lows plus highs that really sing and always cut through the mix.

OMNIA series

Humbucker or single coil? All in one! Thanks to our innovative Dynamic Split System (DSS) you can finally get all the characteristics of both a humbucker and a real single coil in one pickup! By splitting a 10 Kohm OMNIA Bass Series double coil pickup wired in series, with our patented Dynamic Split System (DSS) you get an authentic 9 Kohm Jazz Bass single coil, without the usual loss in output and presence. With the new OMNIA Guitar Series pickups, in addition to the characteristics of a humbucker you get real Strat sounds, with a perfectly balanced output. All the DSS-equipped pickups are passive and easy to install.