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"I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of clarity and quality of the sound of MAMA pickups. It inspired me to reach new levels of creativity. Together with the MAMA preamp the pickups give me a wide range of possibilities with my sound. Love it!"


2MARS - "Inner World" (original) 
Farko: Special Jazz set - AP-3 Active Preamp (bass)
Feodor: Exploder Custom bridge (guitar)
2MARS - "Amulet" (original) 
Farko: Special Jazz set - AP-3 Active Preamp (bass)
Feodor: Exploder Custom bridge (guitar)
Whispers (original)
Special Jazz
Subway (original)
Special Jazz set
Duende Libre - Sinister Minister | Live Studio Session
Special Jazz set's weird jam
Special Jazz set
Special Jazz set
Getting kind of smooth!
Special Jazz set