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Pickups height adjustment

There is no always valid and objectively better setting. The ideal distance from the strings depends on several factors: pickup and instrument specifications, rig used (amp, strings, effects, etc.) but mainly depends on personal touch and taste.
In general, if the pickups are too far from the strings the sound is weak and flat, while if they are too close the tone becomes hard, harsh and loses sustain. A practical method can be to test the sound starting with the pickup very close to the strings (about 2-3 mm) and gradually moving it away by half a turn of the screwdriver at a time, testing the result at each variation until the best balance between attack, presence and dynamics is obtained.
The bridge pickup, where the vibration of the strings is less wide, should be positioned a little closer than the neck pickup. Anyway we advise setting the pickups quite "flat" and not too much tilted towards bass or treble strings.
Dedicating a little time and attention allows to find a truly personalized adjustment that can give you great satisfaction getting the best out of the instrument and pickups.